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Virtual Academic Coaching™ 

At-home (remote) Learning for Students in Grades PreK to 12th 

Personalized e-learning and academic coaching for traditional and divserse learners

Virtual Academic Coaching™ (VAC) combines online learning tools with personalized video coaching to increase student's school success.  

VAC motivates high-achievers who are seeking extra academic support to hone their skills and sharpen their competitive edge in standardized test scores

Get instant access to hundreds of practice questions, plus parent tracking systems detailing results, assessments and progress reports 

Weekly 1:1 online coaching sessions to build confidence, provide guidance and promote academic growth in mathematics, reading comprehension and more 


 Virtual Academic Coaching™ - Ignite and Fast Track Academic Success

How does it work?

Parents and students receive a personalized user name and password to access academic portal.

Sessions begin with a baseline assessment using the student's home computer to access academic portal.

Student's current grade level is recorded but practice questions are adjusted based on progress and achievement.  

Weekly 1:1 video conference with academic coach, parent and student to review goals and plan of action.

Information and goals from the each session are reviewed and progress is discussed with parent(s) and student. 

Student assignments are reinforced with strategies allowing students to relearn and master skills as needed.  


What should your family expect?  

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Your student will receive daily personalized academic assignments and meet with their coach once a week for 30 minutes. The coach will assign work and videos for the week. Each week your coach will go over your student's challenge areas and tailor a plan to aggressively improve your child's reading and math scores. 

How will we determine student success?

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Each day your student will do 25-50 problem. per subject area. The problems are automatically graded and shows how your child's scores compare nationally. In addition, each quarter your student will receive a detailed assessment that will show their growth over time. 

What is the price of this membership program?

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Our VAC program (Virtual Academic Coach) will allow 500 more families nationwide to have access to The 5:30 Scholars. $199 per month per student for the rest of their academic career. Hurry!!! Hit the button below to register!  

Virtual Academic Coaching™ See Massive Results!!!


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About 5:30 Scholars

The Critical Thinking Child is proud to partner with MyT Training to create the 5:30 Scholars. The mission of the 5:30 Scholars is to provide educational college readiness for students who aspire to graduate in the top 5% of their class and score a 30 on the ACT exam or SAT equivalent. The 5:30 Scholars Club integrates intensive math and reading programs, mentorship, community service initiatives, STEM activities, and economic development skills to foster academic success, personal development, and community-minded individuals. We offer a combination of in-person workshops and virtual academic coaching programs that allow students to meet us from anywhere in the world.