Teach children about Online Safety with Digital Dan & Friends.

The Problem.

The internet is such an amazing place for academic learning and playing games. However, certain websites and apps might be inappropriate for your children. Children are innocent and more likely to share information online that adults understand should be confidential.

What can you do to ensure your child learns and plays safely?

"Less then 50% of all K12 students received cyber education in the United States. "

Chuck Gardner Cyber.org

Technology is interwoven into education. Whether it’s an iPad app that helps your child recognize shapes, a game on your smartphone that introduces new sounds, or a computer program that monitors your child’s literacy, technology is everywhere. And it’s more important now than ever that your child understands how to interact with technology in a safe, secure way.

Usually, we think of cyber safety as protecting our identities from credit card theft, or making sure we have complex passwords that can’t be swiped. But cyber safety also extends to our children and their education. And it’s never too early for your child to begin learning about how to be safe when using technology. 

Filled with fun, curious characters, an adventure in this city will help your child understand how to remain safe online. 


Digital Dan and Cyber City

Is your child’s education preparing them for multi 6-figure tech job $

Jobs in cyber security are among the highest-paying in the United States. Now is the time to teach children about cybersecurity and the fast-changing digital world. 

Start today! Inspire and engage children in cyber education with our premier cybersecurity literacy book series.

Appi Alex

Appi Alex is an app and his job is to teach kids how to choose the best apps to download. He also shows them how to use apps safely, so they can have fun while they learn. 

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Smartphone Savi

Savannah, a small, exciting smartphone essential skill for young learners, who may find themselves using smartphones in unsupervised situations.

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Padlock Picasso

A talking padlock who teaches kids how to create strong passwords with her magic picasso-like paintbrush.

Great for counselors, librarians, computer science teachers and parents to take preschoolers, kindergartens and elementary students on a fun and engaging journey towards forming healthy online habits."

author — Lemi-Ola Erinkitola.


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